Wait for us on Google Play Store !

Title VR Shootgun Ride

Hi !! This is how looks our first game for Android.

VR Shootgun Ride is amazing shooter, with Horror elements.


Epic music and sound`s effect, great graphic, very realistic on your VR headset.

Who is here ?

Do you like medieval architecture ? Here you can find something for you!

the next one!

Attaaack !

Game is working with Bluetooth Controller (Park).

What are you doing ??!

So you can go anywhere you want !


TimeĀ is running out ! Look at blue circle. Time and Score. You have few minutes. Check on yourself how many zombies you can kill.

Undead monsters are waiting for you !

Best !


About me, about us

WR – Genesis, it`s about two person, who loves the game.Ā Because of this addictive love, we start making “Samhain“. Then, somewhere we saw the VR google for phone.. Ok, so If we need some excited game for VR, we are sure that you need it also. And this is how we done “VRShootgunRide

We hope that you leave some opinionĀ in the futher.

In this weekĀ “VR Shootgun Ride ” will be avaible on Google Play Store.

But about it, in the next article.

Best !